The Valentin Ribet Foundation, created as a tribute to a young lawyer, victim of the terrorist attacks that took place at the Bataclan in Paris on November 13th 2015, fights against illiteracy and promotes access to education and culture.

To fight against terror and obscurantism with the weapons of education and culture.

130 dead people and over 300 injured, is the terrible toll of these terrorist attacks that hurt Paris on November 13th 2015, targeting places where young Parisians like to congregate. Among the casualties, a young lawyer of 26 years old, Valentin Ribet, died in the Bataclan.

The Valentin Ribet Foundation was created a few weeks after these tragic events, echoing the tremendous pledge of solidarity triggered by them. Founded in his memory by his family and partner, it embodies the values he believed in, those essential values necessary to built a fair and human society so as to “fight with pacific weapons, against obscurantism that each day, blindly perpetrates acts of destruction.”

Thus, the Valentin Ribet Foundation is wholly dedicated to fight against illiteracy and ignorance while promoting access to education and culture. To create social bonds, encourage exchanges and openness toward others, is to play a tribute to all the victims of terrorism and to take concrete actions for the future.

Executive Committee of the Foundation

Comité exécutif de la FVR

From left to right : Olivier Ribet, President of the Foundation, Éva Naudon, Olivier d’Agay, Sylvie de Courcelles and Léa Ribet.

Members of the Committee not on the photo : Maxime Ribet, David Appelbaum

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